Why Am I not Getting Twitter Likes?

News 02:06 June 2020:

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It’s a fact that Twitter is but a giant influencer in the online worlds. With an average of 300 million active users who can post more than 600 tweets a day, you’ll be surprised that lesser and lesser engagement are created. It’s as if no one cares about your tweet; only you. Based on stats, average twitter likes are no more than 10. Twitter accounts with tons of following like of Katy Perry, creating an engagement is a challenge. Stats says that the most followed account in Twitter has an engagement rate of .0003%; that is 3 out of 1 million followers.  It’s time to do your math and compute how is that on your own Twitter account. Well, it is still better to have one like than none at all. If you have at least one, then you’re still in.

The issue now is businesses, artists, bloggers, and other influencers depends on Twitter likes to promote their brand or product. What if there are no likes? What to do now? It’ll surely needs a careful and serious study of the concerned Twitter account.

Do you Have a Handful of Followers?

Try checking your account. If your followers are less than the number of your following then, it might be a problem.

Why not use hashtags? Hashtags can capture followers. But then again, you need to check. You might be having just a “technical engagement” rather than a “genuine engagement.” What’s the difference between the two? A technical engagement are likes from a bot that wants a follow back. That is obviously not a good sign. Imagine, bots giving you Twitter likes?

Are your Followers Real?

Surprise! Yes, try to check all your followers. They might be fake. What’s alarming here is your real followers can see them. They might unfollow you since majority of your followers are fake.

Are they Online?

Say you have a lot of followers; are they online? Obviously, you won’t have twitter likes if you have offline followers. Well, you can’t do anything about it. This is something you have to accept. But if there’s a chance, try to persuade them to go online.

 Your Followers are Dull and Don’t Care at All

Another sad fact to accept. Some are just concerned about their tweets. After all, we are now on a self-serving world. After they tweet, and you gave them a twitter like then that’s it. They browse, tweet again, then gone. Well, I just hope you don’t have in your list.

Your Tweets are Out of this Word

Boom! Well, I hope not. No sensible person will give a twitter like to a boring and non-sense tweet. So be careful on that.

You Didn’t Ask for It

Sometimes, it takes the magic words “Please Like” for you to gather the number of tweets that you like. It’s not bad to ask for it. As long as you will be polite in asking and of course you also do the same for them. As long as you are tweeting sensible tweets, you surely get many twitter likes.