Twitter polls are the easiest things to do!

News 02:06 June 2020:

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Twitter is one very interesting social media platform.  A little history will go along way in helping others know the extent of twitter use on the platform.   Available statistics indicate that a total number of 500 millions tweets are sent on every single day making it one of the largest platforms on the social media fraternity.    The platform also boasts of close to 330 million active users according to the latest 2018 Twitter polls.    These are definitely a large number of people to contend with considering that this is just one single platform with such a massive following.

The polls were a great relief to most users as it allowed them to interact easily with others on different topics.  It is the only and easier ways that businesses or even individuals are able to get feedbacks regarding a particular topic which could be trending or not.  There are different topics that sometimes need communal feedback.  Polls also enable companies to have a rough idea of if their products are making headway in the market.  It also enables them have time to reflect on the negatives review and if there is anything consider making changes depending on their customers preferences.

Twitter polls are the easiest things to do.  As a user you have two options, either to participate in one or creating your own.    When creating your own, it is important to note that these have a time limit.   As the creator and depending on the urgency of the poll and the feedback required, you have the chance to set a time limit of between 5 minutes and or 7 days.  The setting of time will wholly depend on you and your team if you have any and how fast you want the results.   It is therefore important to have the facts right before creating a poll.

Making the right business decisions regarding a product can sometimes be a little difficult if proper plans are not laid down in advance.  That then, is the biggest reason that twitter allows its users on the platform to choose on the best way forward for their product in question.  As the creator of the poll and as discussed earlier, you control the questions amongst your users.  It can be a simple survey or just a poll required specific kind of question regarding a particular product.  You should also not forget to indicate the kind of how you want your customers to answer the question.

Finally, when using Twitter polls, you can choose to participate in private.  A private poll does not show your details and neither the creator nor those on the participating team ever gets to know who you are.  It is a great feature for one who wants their poll counted but remains anonymous.  There are several reasons where a participant would want to do so but whatever your decision, it will count.   Generally at the end of any polling, participants get to know the winning team and how they voted.  It gives you the chance to know where your vote counted.