The main question has been on whether the Instagram Views is a replacement of the likes feature

News 10:07 July 2020:

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Online platform users have been faced with one great question over the last few years’ or so.   The main question has been on whether the Instagram Views is a replacement of the likes feature.  If you have been faced with the above question, you are definitely not alone. The simple truth is that it is not a replacement both still have their individual places on the platform and can be used differently.  The view feature allows you amongst other things to know how many people have viewed your video.  The video feature was introduced in 2016 and has made great strides since them.

The online platform interestingly, continues to grow in large numbers and every single day new entrants find their way into different platforms where they share videos, content and communicate a lot.  This is a great blessing as a lot of information is now passed across the world in mere minutes.  The media platform has increased greatly the flow of information to what it was a few years back.  Thanks to technology. This is also a clear sign that the number of people holding the hand held gadgets like the android phones are on in the increase thereby helping greatly in enhancing communication.

It is therefore important to note that as the numbers continue to increase and grow, so does the demand for recognition on these platforms.  What really makes one stand out?  Is it the number of likes and views and or followers?  These are questions that people have to grapple with from time to time but it is worth noting that the social media platform is a numbers platform, the larger the numbers, the greater the following.  Nobody ever wants to follow a newbie.  Starting up companies has therefore been faced with having to purchase Instagram Views to make better impression on the platform.

The numbers of providers for the services is a clear indication of the demand.  If you are intending to increase you viewing, you do not need to look further.  The internet is a float with many companies providing all these kind of services at very affordable rates thereby giving users a reason to enjoy their social media presence and status.  There is a lot of status that comes with having a large number of likes and this is the main reason there is competition in ensuring that literally every social media account holder have the numbers required.

Finally, it is common knowledge that if you are a first time user, you will have to dedicate considerably a large amount of time to ensure that you get the number of views one is looking for manually.  Whatever your reason for increasing your Instagram Views, you need to consider greatly where you get the same there is great admiration amongst users on accounts with a large number of following, likes and views.  It is not a secret making it the sought after service all around the world amongst users both old and young alike.  There is definitely a lot of joy that comes with being able to stand out.